Richie Kotzen-B.B. Kings Blues Bar NYC 5/11/17

I had the pleasure of seeing Richie Kotzen for the first time and with it, got to snap a few pics.  One huge disappointment was that I was trying out a new lens when someone at the table knocked over his beer and got a small splash on the lens.  I wiped off as much as I could but the shots weren’t as crisp as I wanted them; I lost a lot of good shots because of this.  Luckily I still had my 70-200mm!!  It saved the day!

4 thoughts on “Richie Kotzen-B.B. Kings Blues Bar NYC 5/11/17

  1. Rob, nice stuff! Is you glass ok? Happy shooting, dave Houston music review dwc photography raising a hand dot com

    1. Thanks Dave, I really appreciate it. Yes, the glass is fine. For whatever reason, my lens cloth went missing and I had to revert to using a paper towel to try and clean any residual beer. Unfortunately that didnt do the trick but once I got it home and cleaned it, its like brand new again. Happy shooting to you as well!

      1. I got bbque sauce on a 85mm 1.2f canon lens and I still can’t get it all off in almost a year…fortunately it works!

        1. Good to hear! But I got you beat! I took my wife to a local pow wow and while I paid for our food, I asked that she hold by camera and drink. Bad combo!! She spilled her strawberry drink on the body of my camera! That was over 2 years ago and sometimes select wheel on the back along with ISO, AP select, and WB select buttons still stick. Just recently the pop-up flash started raising by itself! I used lens cleaner spray/isopropel alcohol to distill the sugar. Its pretty near 100% but humidity effects it.

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