Alex Skolnick Trio The Iridium 10/2/17

I must be getting old!  There was a time when I didnt care about the price of a concert ticket, as long as I got to “bang my head”.  Thats how I became a fan of Alex Skolnick back when he was in Testament.  They played in a small Heavy Metal venue in Buffalo thats no longer there promoting “The Ritual” CD.  What an amazing talent!  After he left Testament, he then joined my favorite band at the time, Savatage and from there, my new favorite band Trans-Siberian Orchestra, where I saw them perform at the new HSBC Arena in Buffalo.  When I saw he was going to be joining Stu Hamm at the Iridium a few months back, I had to check it out.  Alex has certainly come a long way and his talent cant be overlooked.  From the days of Testament up to and including his Jazz Trio, his playing has matured and has come to a whole new level.  He has a knack of showcasing such classics as Aerosmith’s “Dream On”, Deep Purple’s “Lazy” and The Scorpion’s “Still Loving You” and making them his own.  He also paid tribute to Tom Petty; a huge loss in today’s music industry.  He was joined by saxophonist, Ofer Assaf, for a couple of songs who is coming into his own right and has collaborated on a song or two with Alex in the studio.  Here is a small gallery highlighting The Alex Skolnick Trio at The Iridium where the volume couldve been a little louder!

Equipment used-Canon 6D MKII, 70-200mm f/2.8L II, 24-105mm f/4,  Post production-DPP 4, Photoshop Elements 11.

Joe Bonamassa-Beacon Theater 9/21/17

The first time I took notice of Joe Bonamassa was when I saw Eric Clapton’s 2010 Crossroads Fest.  Since then Ive had a handful of chances to see him live unfortunately I didnt take advantage.  Having seeing him for the first time this past Thursday night quickly revealed my regrets.  Joe put in a great show filled with amazing backup musicians including Anton Fig from Late Night with David Letterman and Reese Wynans from Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Double Trouble.  I will certainly take pleasure of seeing him again the next time I get the chance.  To see full size images, click on the thumbnail; in the next window, click on the image again.  When done viewing, hit the back button to return to main page.  Post processing and effects were done in Photoshop.  Camera for this gallery was a Canon Powershot SX40 HD.

Indigenous 8/6/17 B. B. Kings Blues Bar feat. Mato Nanji

Its always great to get the chance to photograph artists that you’re a fan of, and that chance came the other night when Indigenous finally came to town.  Ive been a long time fan and have seen them first perform at the Tralf in down-town Buffalo, NY when Mato’s brother and sister were still in the band.  Unfortunately I missed him when he performed for the Nammies 2 years ago which featured the Plateros, Levi and Douglas.  Heres an abbreviated gallery from their performance at B. B. Kings including Mato Nanji and Bronson Begay.

Marvin “Joe” Curry Memorial Veterans Pow Wow 7/17

Its been quite a few years since Ive had the opportunity to attend the Salamanca Pow Wow, much less have the opportunity to photograph it.  Here is a gallery featuring some highlighted dancers from this years event. To fully enjoy the photos, click on the thumbnail which will take you to the photo you chose; from there click again which will give you the screen size. Just hit your back button to navigate back to the gallery.


Stu Hamm’s Power Trio feat. Alex Skolnick The Iridium 6/17/17

Its been since the early 90’s when I saw both Stu Hamm and Alex Skolnick.  The first time I saw Stu was when he was backing Joe Satriani at the Sunrise Theater on the “Flying In A Blue Dream” Tour in Florida.  I actually still have the pick from that show.  A year or two later, I saw Alex leading Testament in Buffalo.  I don’t recall the tour of venue.  Heres a small gallery highlighting their performance at the Iridium including Tenor Saxophonist Ofer Assaf.

Richie Kotzen-B.B. Kings Blues Bar NYC 5/11/17

I had the pleasure of seeing Richie Kotzen for the first time and with it, got to snap a few pics.  One huge disappointment was that I was trying out a new lens when someone at the table knocked over his beer and got a small splash on the lens.  I wiped off as much as I could but the shots weren’t as crisp as I wanted them; I lost a lot of good shots because of this.  Luckily I still had my 70-200mm!!  It saved the day!

Native American Music Awards 2016

In the fall of 2016, I was given the honor of being the official photographer for the Native American Music Awards, celebrating their 16th annual ceremony of Native American music.  Pictured are some of the concert highlights from this years performers including Red Rythym, J.J. White Band, Joseph FireCrow, Ed Koban, Shelley MorningSong and Fabian Fontanelle, Annie Humphrey, Sage Bond and Keith Secola.

Eric Johnson 10/25/16 Highline Ballroom

Second time around seeing one of my guitar heroes, this time a more intimate show.  I have always been a fan of Eric’s acoustic work and his new album, EJ does not disappoint.  Here’s a small gallery from his performance at the Highline Ballroom, here in NYC, October 25, 2016

Updated Musicians Gallery

Here is a small updated musicians gallery mostly taken with my new 70-200mm II USM IS.  The Jeff Beck/Buddy Guy photos were taken with Canon’s Powershot SX40 HS.  Not bad for a point and shoot.